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We would love to know a little about you! Your favourite parts of performing, your likes/dislikes, your hobbies etc.
Fees – minimum payment of £25 to secure your place, or termly payment in full.
We accept the following payment methods:

West End Theatre Workshops Ltd; Lloyds Bank;
Sort Code: 30-99-93
Account Number: 69888460
(Please include student’s name as reference).
Cheques made payable to: West End Theatre Workshops Ltd, 16 East Drive, Angmering, West Sussex BN16 4JH
(Please write student’s name clearly on back of cheque).

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GDPR Notice

All data collected on this, or any West End Theatre Workshops Ltd. and West End Theatre Academy online form will remain on our secure database for the duration of your contract. Data is securely protected and never unnecessarily shared with a third party. When a student agrees to participate in examinations, festivals and public performances, they agree their personal data may be shared with examination boards and local licensing councils.

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you hereby give permission to be contacted via phone, post and email informing you of news, updates and all information regarding our services.

Upon termination of contract (valid with half a term's written notice from registered parent or guardian) all stored data will be removed from our database and destroyed.

Terms and Conditions

West End Theatre Academy runs for 12 week terms, breaking for half terms and school holidays. Fees may be paid up front via BACS, cash or cheque. All cheques should be made payable to West End Theatre Workshops Ltd. and payment is expected at the start of each term. Payment can also be made monthly via standing order or half-termly in the form of two cheques. Alternative payment plans may be agreed at the discretion of the West End Theatre Academy principal.

I agree to pay for this student’s standard sessions, plus any extra classes at the beginning of each term and I agree that my contract is ongoing from term to term for a minimum of one term. I agree to give half a term's notice should my child decide to leave any of West End Theatre Workshop Ltd.’s classes (including additional classes and private tuition). I agree to West End Theatre Workshops Ltd.’s Terms and Conditions as stated on their website.

Refunds and termination of enrolment:

In the event of a cancellation by the customer, the following Refund Policy will apply: (Note: you are allowed by law to cancel within seven days of your making the application without penalty provided you notify us of your intention in writing within seven days.) Within 7 days of the date of application: 100% of all monies paid. After 7 days from date of booking: No refund is payable.

Unless the principal of West End Theatre Academy is otherwise notified in writing by you before the sixth (6th) week of the Theatre Academy term, a student is automatically re-enrolled onto the Theatre Academy for the following term. If you do not notify the West End Theatre Academy principal before the sixth (6th) week of the term that you do not wish a student to be re-enrolled onto the following term of the Theatre Academy, then you will remain liable for half of the full term fees in respect of the next term, regardless of attendance of the student.

Responsible parent or guardian:

Where a student is under 18 years of age at the time of booking: The person making the booking, whether by post, or an email booking form, must be the legal parent or guardian of the child, or in the case of any additional child(ren) not the legal responsibility of the person making the booking, must have the written authority of the legal parent(s) or guardian(s) of the additional child(ren) to make the booking on their behalf. We will need to have this written authority before the start of this event for such additional children.

Security and Child Protection:

No child under the age of 16 will be allowed to leave any of the premises which are being used to run West End Theatre Academy classes or workshops if they unsupervised by a legal parent/guardian. Students under the age of 16 may be collected by an alternative family member or responsible family friend ONLY with written permission from the legal parent/guardian. Please make sure you sign your child in and out of the premises by making any member of staff aware that you have collected your child. All staff have enhanced DBS certificates and all performances are staffed by Licensed Chaperones as per Government Legislation for Child Protection in public performance venues.


West End Theatre Workshops Ltd. does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any participant. West End Theatre Workshops Ltd. does not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to participants, and will not take charge of personal items left behind at the end of this event.


All students who join West End Theatre Academy must adhere to our uniform policy at all times during classes and internal or external events and performances. Students must wear PLAIN BLACK comfortable leisure trousers, jazz pants or thick leggings (no jeans or transparent materials). The only compulsory items of uniform are one West End Theatre Academy logo t-shirt (group specific) and black jazz shoes. Each student must purchase a black logo t-shirt on the first day of their enrolment. Any items of clothing that do not adhere to our uniform guidelines and safety requirements will be prohibited during classes and may result in the student not being allowed to participate in any sessions which a member of staff believes could be unsafe for the student e.g. inappropriate footwear for dance. All students are responsible for maintaining the quality and cleanliness of their own uniform.

Media Usage:

West End Theatre Workshops Ltd. is hereby authorised to use still photographs or motion picture footage, recordings of students’ voices and names of students for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes such as commemorative DVD production, social media marketing and company archives.

I confirm all of the above information to be correct at the time of this application.
I agree to all West End Theatre Workshop Ltd.’s terms and conditions as stated on this form and on their website.

The below signature strip must be signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian. Students aged 18+ may sign on behalf of themselves.

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